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AMC Series "Turn" [Score 8.2/10] [B-]

"It doesn't take a genius to realize that Abe will eventually turn and become a spy for the Americans, but the pilot takes a long, long time getting there. If you’re going to create a hero, you might give him a spine of steel instead of cabbage. Yes, part of the drama is that to be such a spy you have to turn against your family and risk constant danger with the Redcoats out and about. Understood. But why not show Abe as an all-in spy first, then flash back a bit to his cabbage-farming days? That might pick up the pace." Hollywoodreporter [Score : 7.5/10]

" The twists of plot reveal the often arbitrary nature of heroism, and if the show remains true to history, there will be more than one turning as the story advances. More important, the statelier pace reminds us how unruly our notions of "action" have become, how demanding of gunfire and twitchy monologues. The birth of this nation was, in many ways, historically miraculous, the work of a relatively small group of people against all odds and without the aid of dragons. That doesn't mean "Turn" will be great television, but it's worth giving it enough room to be judged on its own terms."  Latimes [Score : 8.5/10]


"In execution, "Turn" is plodding, predictable and a bit confusing, though I might have tried harder to follow the plot had any of the characters made it worth my while. As it is, the characters are mostly paper-thin and forgettable. Burn Gorman, who always makes a strong impression, displays his usual charisma as a British officer, but most of the cast fails to register. More than once I longed for an appearance from the Headless Horseman. " Huffingtonpost  [Score : 7.0/10]

"“Turn” doesn’t dumb down history for the audience. Instead, it gives life to some of the messier parts of a period that is too often starched and oversimplified by schoolbooks and politicians. “Turn” isn’t easy, but then again, neither was the American Revolution." NyTimes [Score : 9.5/10]

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