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Beats Headphone Review


The beats headphones give very comfortable over-the-ear and give a comfort feel to its users. The mix of noise cancellation and isolation works well on beats headphones. The head hugging on beats looks an improved version. It offers an exceptional sound for a Bluetooth headphone. It also offers active noise-canceling technology. The headphones fold over to a more solid form factor and battery life is nice at 12 hours of wireless listening.


The beats headphones have a thick sound harms separation. It is an expensive which everyone cannot afford to purchase and take advantage of it. If the integrated rechargeable battery in the headphones dies than the music will also die.

Bottom Line

The beat headphone has an active noise cancellation feature. It has folding cups with removable cable. The battery life is approximately of 20 hours. It is an excellent wireless Bluetooth headphones but too expensive to afford.


The Beats Headphones has the most remarkable model in the highly recognizable Beat range. The offered for this wireless model is £329. In this high cost you will get the pair of exciting and decent looking headphones that feature active noise cancellation which makes them yet more commute pleasantly. But when we see the high price, the beats headphones sound quality does not completely match up.





The design of the Beats headphones is a much classier and elegant from the preceding mdoels, almost modest look. The size is still big like before but in few color schemes for example silver they seem absolutely finest instead of gaudy.

The framework from the outer shell is made up of all plastic. From inside there is a metal hinged band for adjusting the size of the head band. There is a rubber strip below the head band pads the top of the head whereas the soft leatherette ear cups is placed round the ear. This makes the beats headphones more comfortable on wearing it without squeezing user’s head.

The rubber pad below the headband comes comfortable on user head.

On the leaf hand side of the beats headphones there is a slim 3.5 mm headphones jack for wired connections when used by user at a desk, along with pause and play and volume buttons. On the right hand side ear cup of beats headphones there is a microUSB port that is for charging the battery of headphones, as well as the power button. There is also a battery level indicator lights, a small band of five LEDs that will brighten when you switch on the power button.

Unfortunately you will not get separate buttons for skipping any track, instead you will need to completely rely on a double and triple press of the big "B" pause-play button, which will not even work all the time. The headphones jack on the headphones is very thin that means most of the cables generally use in market will not fit accurately in this jack. This means you are enforced to use the one included headphones cable. The included cable has the music remote on it.

Ear Cups

The ear cups of beat headphones are not big enough to make any kind of cover over your ear, either, which rapidly causes an additional loss of definition. The sound leakage will in result infuriate the users sitting next to you as well.

Battery Life

The battery life of Beats Headphones is measured up to giving 12 hours for Bluetooth listening. This is good when compared to the other large wireless headphones. But the worst point of these headphones is the user will not be able to use the headphones through cable when you will be out of.


When we talk about comfort of using, it is quite hard to keep these headphones on your head as well. A sharp head turn will at a bit shake these from your ears. The most unfortunate will be that this will half fall off your head and get twisted up in the hair which may give you the bad looks as well.

Noise Cancellation

The Beats Headphones has a nice execution of the noise cancellation which is pretty neat in the Beats headphones.

On the left cup of Beats there is a delicate button that serves as a push-to-hear control that helps to cut out both the music and noise cancellation to makes hearing easier.

The noise cancellation by Beats is appreciable, but still not amazing. There is not the creepy silence that we have seen in Bose's QC15, which still be an advantage to the user as it will not create the in-ear pressure feeling as in Bose's QC15 that may intense the ANC headphones can.

Mid-Bass and Sharp Highs

The preceding models of Beats headphones have mainly focused on bass above anything else, but unfortunately, the new Beats Wireless Headphones are style over substance if we talk about the sound quality.

The latest Beats Wireless are more balanced than the previous models, but as a significance lack it gives really a deep bass, by producing lows that sound like there is slight missing and heaps of punchy mid-bass with absence of low end.

As an alternate whatever with a solid-bass line will always sounds a bit unclear, even though the vocals are still comparatively apparent if a bit sharp when the user is listening to rap music.


The Beats Wireless headphones will cost around £329.95, which places these headphones on the top bracket for Bluetooth headphones. They are finest looking with comfy feeling, but they do not sound to the finest level.


Beats headphones have a decent look with good feeling wearing it. They are strong to hold and wear. But if anyone really wants a good quality sound then they should probably look for any other in the market, as to spend £329.95 and still not getting good quality sound is not worth spending. Within this price range, the user will easily be able to go for another good option that can offer the same results and even more balanced sound.

But still this may not be of any concern for so many people as they just want a concert type of sound, which is good for them.


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