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Best 5 Tablet PCs

Best 5 Tablet PCs

Tablets have taken the world by storm; it is a niche that was relatively unheard of 5 years ago! It is truly remarkable that something can catch on so quickly, and something that was once considered a pricey “posh toy” by most manufacturers and consumers alike has now become almost as common as a home PC. While early tablets were more or less just a slightly jumped of version of smart phones; tablets nowadays have features that rival those of a laptop. Admittedly, these tablets cannot provide the ease or practicality while working which conventional computers offer, but the excellent portability and remote access makes them a worthy alternative for light usage.

Apple Ipad Air

The Good: The Apple iPad Air is leading the competition with its sleek, slim look that just oozes premium. The 64-bit iOS 7 operating system is a peach, and is currently the only 64-bit mobile operating system on the market. The retina display looks stunning from all angles and is truly one of the best screens we’ve seen yet.

The Bad: With a price tag going as high as 290 pounds, the iPad is purely an elitist toy. It also requires all your data to be synced in Apples iTunes, you cannot download stuff on your PC and then have it transferred on the device through the old fashioned USB cable.  

The Bottom Line: With its excellent graphics capabilities, and a nearly fool proof software to back up its claims, the iPad Air is an excellent alternative to Android.

Details: Apple was way ahead of its game when they developed and released the first iPad, they have followed their tradition of technological innovations with the iPad Air. It now has the latest generation Apple proprietary A7 and M7 processor chips for effortless performance. In most benchmarks we tested it, the iPad Air was a consistently high performer, and many graphic intense tests were dealt with lightning speed, rarely missing a frame.

The Verdict: If its premium builds quality, high spec hardware and the Apple logo that floats your boat, the iPad Air is definitely for you.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

The Good: It runs on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat which will see an update to Android 5.0 sometime around Christmas 2014 or first quarter of 2015. The Android PlayStore is rift with millions of useful apps, a majority of which are free or cost.

The Bad: Killer specs all around, but we were a bit disappointed with the screen resolution. 10.1 inches of screen real estate on the Z2 seems a bit flushed and blurry as compared to Apple’s retina display.

The Bottom Line: With a price tag of around 285 pounds, the Z2 is marginally cheaper than Apple’s devices in the same range. But with the sheer number of apps and customization inherent in the Android system, the Z2 is a bargain.

Details: The device holds up impressively on all performance benchmarks; it has the flagship Snapdragon CPU and couples it with 3GB of RAM.

The Verdict: An excellent choice for people looking for a quality device that is elegant and sophisticated, while at the same time conforming to Sony’s legendary reliability.

iPad Mini 2 Retina

The Good: Apple branding, the latest A7 processor chip; the same as you get on the Air, cheaper.

The Bad: The iPad Mini 2 looks good on paper, but apart from the screen and processor chip, it fails to deliver any substantial punch as compared to similarly priced Androids.

The Bottom Line: The iPad Mini 2 does everything you ask of it reasonably well, couple that with Apple’s customer services and warranty, and you’ve got yourself a premium little toy that promises something extra.

Details: The screen is a tad smaller (7.9 inches) for a tablet, the device comes with 1 GB of RAM which is definitely not something we like about it. The screen has more PPI than nearly every other device in this price range, so the small screen doesn’t necessarily mean a drop in resolution.

The Verdict: The cheapest iPad you can buy today.

Google Nexus 7

The Good: This device is sold by Google itself, so any software updates rolled out will reach you first; Samsung and HTC playboys will drool in agony.

The Bad: Low RAM, slow processor, screen is a bit on the smaller side.

The Bottom Line: The operating system and user interface is a stock Android affair, and we still maintain it is easily one of the most practical ones we’ve ever come across.

Details: It has a 7 inch IPS screen which has a resolution of around 326 PPI, it may be lesser than that on Apple devices but you’d hardly notice it. The device has expandable memory capabilities, but has a total internal memory of either 16GB or 32 GB. It has a quad core processor that clocks around 1.5 GHz and a RAM of 2 GB; definitely not the most impressive we’ve seen, but price considered (150 pounds) we’re not complaining.

The Verdict: The ease of usage and interface provided by the stock android interface is ideal for first time users. We rate it as a good device overall.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

The Good: Stunning display, powerful CPU, 32 GB internal memory (expandable).

The Bad: Prices start at just over 222 pounds, making this one of the more premium devices on our list. The body still retains that Samsung signature “plastic” feel, which gives it a cheapish look that is prone to fingerprints and smudges. We would have liked something a bit more substantial in this price range.

The Bottom Line: Technical and performance specs considered; the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is probably the most impressive device on the market right now.

Details: The screen is large by any standards, and while 300 PPI doesn’t sound all that impressive; you’d be hard pressed to find a screen more vibrant or stunning than this. The CPU is a quad core 1.9 GHz (with a smaller quad-core CPU rated at 1.3 GHz) which is coupled with 2 GB of RAM to give it a punchy feel. The device runs all apps, even graphic intense games with the utmost ease. 

The Verdict: If you want a pricey, premium tablet that works well on all counts, the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is definitely for you.




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