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Frustrated Experience with Amerisave

Applied Refinancing with Amerisave on Jan 14. Instantly approved for a competetive rate. Amerisave scheduled  and charged me for the Home Appraisal which was completed around Jan 20. It is over six weeks Amerisave have not transition to next steps. I received an email on Feb 6 that I should have an update within a week.  It is over two weeks and no update other than that they have increase staff.  The major concern what this considerable lapse of time on their part caused is my ability to shop around without effecting my FICO score. I will give  them another week before I  request appraisal fee refund through my credit card company.

05/11/15 - Run out of patience and  requested appraisal fee refund after months of sending several of documents back and forth with no sight of final approver.  I would have requested cancellation long ago if  I have not refianced with them about a year ago. I will raise the dispute through credit company if have not received my refund within a 10 days. 

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