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Kill Switch Technology for Smart Phones

Google and Microsoft Commits to launch “Kill Switch Technology” for Smart Phones


        Hey! Yup you have examine right by reading the label above. Yes! A kill switch technology in mobile phones. This kill switch thing is tremendous. If in case your phone gets stolen, you could just simply use your kill switch button, and switch or kill all the functions of your smart phone. And the best part of it! It can’t be unlocked by another device or software rather than your kill switch password which would be provided by you, the owner. This would unlock all the features of your mobile. Isn’t it great? Your phone can now operate at the tip of your finger and you could use your phone free of theft.


          Have you ever heard of kill switch or emergency switch? I am sure everyone had heard of it. But, let me give a small overview to those who haven’t heard anything about it. A kill switch or emergency button is a function which enables instant black out of the machine or device, when due to the loss of time or some other hazardous short circuit or problem the normal shutdown is not possible, without damaging the system.


        Now, let me tell you if this remarkable function is also available in the new upcoming smart phones of 2015. You wouldn’t believe it. But actually, your phone can be protected by this remarkable product. Suppose, a virus comes in your smart phone which malfunctions all the software of the smart phone, what would you, if the shutting of the mobile is also not possible and it also doesn’t have a removable battery? No need to panic! Because, you have the kill switch on your phone which could easily turn off your phone in a close of any eye by closing all the programs one by one with additional troubleshooting.


           This new technology is now being developed by Microsoft Corporation and Google.Com. Firstly, it was developed in the California by Apple Macintosh.


             Google and Microsoft both have been working and thinking of making Kill Switch technology which could easily be used to disable the device, if it’s stolen or lost. So, due to this the phone wouldn’t response to the command if this kill switch is enabled. Wow! Now your smart phone is secured and nobody could use it except you even it if it is stolen. This is another landmark of the 2015.


           So, it’s no use for then, and it also has another feature of finding the phone which could be very handy if the mobile or smart phone is powered on. During operation of this command, the phone would be traced on a map wherever it is or was. What do think about this command? Isn’t this command tremendous? And the best part it locks the whole except emergency call 911.


        Google also mentioned that there would be a “factory reset” option in the next version of Android.



       All the smart phone versions like IOS, Android, Windows phone, etc. are co-operating with this kill switch operation. And all the phones would be installed with this software. Now, by this your smart phone could be saved from theft. Could you imagine your phone is now saved from theft?


How would the “kill switch” work? :

                           Suppose if your smart phone gets stolen or snatched? What would you do, if someone has stolen it for a significant reason for committing crime by using your smart phone? You would be thinking how would you stop your phone to function? Now, don’t worry because you have the kill switch function. Now you would be thinking how would it disable your phone? Following are some steps to activate kill switch:


  1. This step is quite exciting. Firstly, you or someone whom you have authorized would send a call signal to your phone which would transfer kill signal to your phone. Now your phone has been malfunctioned. No calls, SMS, internet or multimedia function would perform. Only the Emergency Call could be functioned.
  2. Another interesting way of killing your phone is by using web. Now, you would be thinking how? It’s very easy. Just like you did from the smart phone, just like that send an email command to the phone to kill.
  3. The only way to unlock the phone is to insert the password given by the mobile phone’s owner.

Google and Microsoft’s Hand Shake For The “Kill Switch”:

                          This Kill Switch was firstly available in the Apple Smart Phones, more than that do you know more than 42% of the world smart phone uses Apple IOS systems. Apple is now the second largest company of the world. On the 19th of June 2014, the third and fourth largest companies of the world committed that they would also use the Kill Switch function for their handsets. The two big companies Google.Com and Microsoft are also committing to launch Kill Switch for their upcoming smart phones.


Google - world’s another popular Android brand after Apple is also incorporating in the launch of the Kill Switch for their smart phones. They are planning for the kill switch theft deterrence for their smart phones, so that their phones could be safe from theft.


Microsoft Corporation: World’s fourth famous brand known for its Windows Phone manufacturing. They are the world third famous Operating Systems. Microsoft is also incorporating with Google in order to launch Kill Switch for their upcoming Windows Phone. This new technology would be applicable to the upcoming new Nokia Handsets.


         So, the two companies have came to a decision that they would be able to launch Kill Switch for their smart phones As Soon As Possible. Now there are the three operating systems which would perform this function Windows Phone, IOS and Android.


     But, the bad part of it, it could only be applicable for the new phones of 2015. It is not available even for the Android phones of 2014. But, it is available for the IOS systems.


        This kill switch technology could become much handy in the security of your smart phones.


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