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Google Android Auto

Google has completely taken over our lives. Survival without Google is next to impossible in today’s world. Taking into account all the advantages and benefits that Google has provided us, one can never repay Google back. It continuously monitors the needs and wants of mankind and comes up with an incredible solution every time. The solution provided by Google is certainly unique and one of its kind. As a result of this generosity, Google has to face come consequences in the form of competition. Most of the times, this sense of competition is taken in a positive direction which further proves beneficial for its development and success.

With hundreds and thousands of milestones achieved by Google so far, Google Android Auto is a new entry in the league. This is built actually to answer back Apple’s car play and takes some of its features from the former brand. However it is different and more user friendly. Google cars will be found on the roads a lot sooner than predicted by experts; except that they would not be able to drive themselves. Google’s Android Auto was unveiled on Wednesday corresponding to a newer and latest version of Google’s operating system.

Android Auto is specifically designed and formulated to keep the driver’s safety in mind. It is actually Google behind the steering wheel now. Android Auto will reduce the driver’s distraction to the maximum and keep him focused on his driving and the road. With Google Android Auto, steering wheel of the car has now become more powerful and more integrated with a variety of controls. Your car is now bound to dance on your voice commands as its superb sensor recognizes your voice and performs as it is told.

The best part of this invention is that it is driven by Android which makes it all the more accessible and user friendly. Everyone now has cell phones with Android operating systems in them. This invention is similar to the Google Android Maps App widely available on Google play store. The only difference is that it works according to your voice. It has now become easier and convenient with Google Android Auto to make your car move with our voice commands and instructions. You can simply connect your Android phone to your car and all your contacts, messages and your favourite music playlists will be synced with your automobile and work according to your command.

Google Android Auto is a newly emerging technology which is bound to take down all other competitors in the market. Who would not want to pair up with Google for any business or publicity? Keeping in view all the benefits and pros of pairing up with Google, a number of leading car manufacturing brands announced to display Google Android Auto in their upcoming cars. Included in these brands are Abarth, Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Maserati, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Opel, Ram, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki and Volvo.

What else do you need when you are having the option of syncing the smartphone with your car! Obviously, not every option can be accessed through your commands but the most necessary are available for you to use such as you can access your playlist directly by giving vocal commands to the Google Android Auto. Audi S3 has this system and is very useful when you are on road. Setting up the Google Android Auto is not much difficult as you just have to plug the phone into the micro USB cable wired in your car. Right now, the only option to plug-in the phone is through this wire system but project manager, Dylan Thomas says that his team is in the process of making this system wireless.

Audi is already having this system of using these things through touchscreen or button-knob system, in fact Hyundai is also using this but when asked Dylan, he says that the Android Auto is trying to make the best vocal system throughout for every car. It actually depends that what kind of system does the manufacturer supports, either they want the touchscreen or the button-knob system or else they have the option of this vocal system.

There are some apps which are not really user friendly due to which sometimes it becomes difficult to use them. In that case, Google Android App is trying to make every app user friendly such as Google Play Music app and Google Maps. The maps can be accessed with a better interface and even you can change the layout of your own choice for different apps. Their basic objective is to make the navigation system more authentic and effective.

The major advantage which came forward of using Google Android Auto was the less use of these gadgets behind the wheels because according to an estimate, about 25% of the accidents in America occur due to this, therefore, this vocal system will reduce these accidents. Once the phone is plugged in, a home screen is popped up on main dashboard which has almost 5 tabs such as Google Maps and Google Play Music. The main screen also tells the mechanical condition of your car such as when you last changed your oil. Also, Google is in the process with the manufacturers that what information should be shared.

The main focus of Google Android Auto was to provide a safe drive to the drivers and this was done successfully as the audio vocal system replies you back after approving your instructions. This was surely another way of keeping people away from looking at the screens on the dashboards or gadgets.

In short, Google has certainly made the technology so much advanced in the cars that the safety of drivers has been properly managed. This new Google Android Auto has really made a huge difference in the driving style and is considered as one of the outstanding and finest technologies one would ever see in the near future.



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