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How-to Install the Red Hat Enterprise 7

How-to Install the Red Hat Enterprise 7

The RHEL 7 desktop feature the GNOME 3 user experience, which will be new to RHEL users.

Red Hat 7 has a hub and spoke model. So instead of 14 screens, there are now three main hubs and you will no longer need to do a lot of configuration to get up and running.

Additionally, the memory footprint for installation has been reduced such that 512 MB is the minimum space needed, making smaller guests supportable.

First thing you will need here is to know how you can install and use VMware version on your OS so lets have a look:

How-to Install VMware Fusion 6 for Mac

On Your MAC you can install VMware Fusion so you do not have to make Dual boot and can have two or more virtual OS on your physical OS.

Below is a video link which will help you download and install VMware Fusion on your MAC machine


How-to Install VMware 10 on Windows 8.1

Below is a video link which will help you install VMware 10 on Windows 8.1 OS

By installing VMware over your Windows machine you can have one or more virtual OS in your physical OS and no need to make dual boot


After successful installation of your VMware on your OS you can start installing any OS on it. VMware works almost same on Mac & Windows so do not worry about it. Today we are going to show you how to install Linux Redhat Enterprise 7

  • Download/Buy the Public Red Hat 7 Desktop DVD

  • Create a New Virtual Machine

  • Select RHEL 7 dvd ISO Image


  •  Then Set OS Type to Red Hat Enterprise 6
  •  Naming as RHEL 7 Gnome

  • Click on Customize Settings

  • Set Disk Bus Type as IDE

  • Then Boot Up the RHEL 7 Desktop

  • Select the Language

  • Set the Destination Installation Disk

  • Select the Disk

  • Then Eventually Customize the Gnome Desktop

  • Start Installation

  • Creating User

  • Set the Root User Password

  • Achive Installation and Reboot

  • Accept the License

  • Choose if Enabling Kdump

  • Eventually Enter Your Subscription Details

  • Desktop Setup

  • Set the Language

  • Set Keyboard Layout

  • Last Eventually Enable a Cloud Upload


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