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Lenovo A8


This is the time when people want to ease their lives and here comes the Lenovo A8 which not only has made the lives of people much more comfortable but also has been amazing so far amongst the tablets. Lenovo A8 has really made a difference with its high quality display and with a user friendly interface. It has set a standard for other companies like HP and ASUS to produce such products in the market. Lenovo A8 has been a wonderful tablet for the users who really want to have a good result of the camera. Every such product has some pros and cons obviously so, Lenovo A8 has got quad core processor which makes it really efficient. It also supports 4G network. Some of its cons include the battery issue which is that the user cannot be replaced by the user. There is no option of autofocus in the camera of Lenovo A8. Also, the camera is without flash. The pixel density of Lenovo A8 is not that much great as compared to other tabs as its pixel per inch of the display is only 189. But still Lenovo A8 is a good piece of technology


Display of Lenovo A8 is very appropriate for the regular users as it has got an 8 inches screen display. This display makes it really very convenient for people to watch HD movies as its pixel resolution is 800x1280 which is pretty good. The technology used in the display of Lenovo A8 is IPS LCD. It has got the touch screen which has the ability of multi touch. Some of its display features include light sensor which is one of the newest technologies these days. And as already discussed, its pixel density is 189 pixels per inch.

Hardware & Design

Lenovo A8 has been designed in a very unique touch to give it a shape like tablet. It’s hardware is essentially given much more importance than any other accessory because this is what a user is looking for in a device. This is an Android device with an operating system of 4.2 versions and 4.4 versions. They come in two categories. The 4.4 versions is the latest one.  It is not that much heavy as some of the other tabs but its look and design is very awesome and sleek. Its dimensions are 8.54 x 5.35 x 0.35 inches which is equal to 217 x 136 x 8.95 mm. People always want to find a simple but delicate device for their use which looks good in their hand while using so its weight is not that much heavy. It is of 360 grams or you can measure it as 12.70 oz. The system chip which is installed inside is MediaTek MTK8121. Its high speed processor is quad core which consists of 1300MHz. It also includes graphic processor for high speed games. Its system’s internal memory is approximately 1024 MB of RAM while its built-in storage is of 16 GB. But a user can expand its storage according to its own need up to 32 GB by adding micro SD or micro SDHC. It also operates on 4G network. Its smooth and handy look makes Lenovo A8 a fantastic gadget.

Performance & Battery

The battery timing of every gadget depends a lot on its performance because with good battery timing, a user would be satisfied with its working efficiency. Hence, Lenovo A8 has got 4200mAh battery which is not user replaceable. The GSM technology which Lenovo A8 is using consists of 900, 1800 and 1900MHz. it also uses UMTS OF 900 AND 2100MHz. its high performing internet facility is very efficient as well. The data settings HSDPA+ (4G) 21.1 Mbit/s, HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, all are applicable in Lenovo A8. It has the feature of GPS and A-GPS.  You can also navigate the map of anywhere you want to. It can be connected to Bluetooth as it has the 4.0 version. Wi-Fi facility is also available in it as it has 802.11 b, g, n and hotspot is already installed in it. One can attach USB to its Lenovo A8 as it has got Mass Storage Device. It can also be charged with the USB connector.


Camera plays a very important role in every gadget. Lenovo A8 has got a very fine camera of 5 megapixels which can capture every moment of your life and can save it in its internal storage.  There is also a front camera in Lenovo A8 whose resolution is 2 mega pixels.

Software and Apps:

Android operating system comprises of features and apps that attract the masses and make them want Lenovo A8 all the more. It has a music player with features like background playback and various art covers of different albums. The music can be filtered by albums, artists and playlists. The speakers have an excellent quality with stereo speakers. There is a youtube player where you can see videos of your choice. There is internet browsing available as well. social networking website like picassa and google plus are there to socialize with your loved ones. You can play games like temple run and the renowned candy crush saga.


The crux of the story is that Lenovo A8 stands distinct and distinguished from the rest because of its unique features and atrractive apps. You can reach to the entire world by this gadget. The price is economical and affordable. Lenovo A8 is an accessible brand which can be found in any part of the world with convenience. Lenovo A8 is a must have accessory these days so don’t miss out the opportunity and grab your piece now.

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