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Nokia Lumia 1320 Review


The Good: Nokia Lumia 1320 is an attractive design Windows 8 smart phone. It has a quad core 1.7GHz snapdragon S4 processor with 1GB of ram. It also has a good battery
backup with decent design.

The Bad: Although it has a 6 inch large display but with low resolution. Similarly its camera result is also not
very good.


The Nokia Lumia series has provided us the most recognizable phones in the last few tears. The matte Lumia 1320 is most striking in exciting four different four different colors orange, yellow, black and white. It has a high quality build which we are expecting from Nokia. It has a weight of 220 gram with 164x86.8x9.8mm dimension. Nokia Lumia 620 is simple one of the cutest smart phone which you can handle to use with a single hand even though you have a small hand. This made one-handed use something that required focus as it nearly slipped out of the palm a few times - but that's to expect with any smart phone of this size. And with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that wouldn't even be much of an issue. It has a little thicker and heavier along more rounded corners which is definitely an extra benefit of its design. It casing has a single piece of plastic with a metal finish that snaps on and off easily and remains securely in place to give a unibody feel. Its power/lock button is perfectly fixed on the side at thumb height. Similarly both the volume rocker and shutter button all are solidly placed at the right side of the device. The headset jack is fixed at the top and its Micro USB charging jack is set at the bottom of the mobile. Similarly at the front of the device you will find the usual three button setup, back button (which can also be used for access multitasking) and a VGA camera rests above the screen. Nokia Lumia 1320 has given you a 6 inch large LCD display with high resolution of 1280 x 720 which is very good. Just like Lumia 1520 it also has the new, three column layout of the Windows 8 Metro interface which makes better use of the screen size.  But on the other hand it has a 720 pixel HD screen instead off the high-res 1080 pixel HD display which you see on higher-end phones with 5 inch screen on above.


Display always is an important feature of any smart phone and Nokia have a reputation to always give you the best. Lumia 1320 provides you a 6 inch large full HD Super LCD display. Its wide viewing angles will also help you to give a smart display from any angle. Lumia gives you a bright display which will give you good display even under sunlight you can easily view. It has a 6 inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 along 1280x720 resolution IPS LCD screen with just 245 pixel per inch density which means icons are fuzzy around the edges and text is not as sharp as other smart phones currently offers. It has a good color balancing and along with good resolution will give you the sharp display. It is a good screen for especially when you watching full HD movies or playing 3D games. With its extra sensitive touch screen you can use the Lumia 1320 even if you wearing gloves. It is also offers a multi touch screen.


Nokia Lumia 1320 gives us a pair of speaker which is mounted at the top of the device. Its speakers are not producing a quality sound and slid to the poorer side when you held the phone at the hip level. Its volume is on the lower side which would make it harder to listen in noisier environment. There is no issue in background but your calling partner sounded distant and difficult to hear her voice clearly. On the other hand fortunately speaker phone sounded is a little better to you. Through its speaker you can enjoy movies and games sound which make you pleasure.


Nokia Lumia 1320 Windows Phone 8 has a quad core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. Its operating system gives same experience which you had found in the higher models. It has a 1GB of RAM that will be good enough to open application in no time. The only noticeable difference between 1320 and the faster 1520 is rendering Nokia Cinema graph images but this difference is just a second or two. Best of all it’s that 4G connectivity which means super faster downloads of application on the go. You won’t find the same abundance of HD games in the Windows Store as you had expect from Google Play or the iOS application store, but what there is can certainly be handled by the 1320. Surprisingly there is only 8GB of built in storage but you can add up to 64 GB more using by a micro SD card. You can watch movies or playing games without any difficulty or disturbance. In general its performance is not bad at all.


In previous years we judge the performance if a battery by analyzing how much talk time it gives you. If we found good talk time we suppose that it is a sign of a good and powerful battery. But as the time progresses things are change and now we also want to watch movies, listening songs, playing games, sending and receiving emails as well as SMS and calls. Nokia Lumia 1320 gives you a 3400 mAh huge battery. I can use this battery two days by a single charge. During these two days we use emails, multiple games, some light web browsing, a few phone calls, and dozens of photos. According to TechRadar battery test of running a 90 minute 720 pixel video, filled with constant looping sound and motion with the screen set to maximum brightness and that is without activating battery saver mode. Battery life is just about the only area in which the Lumia 1320 out performs the 1520.


Nokia Lumia 1320 has a dual camera. It has a 0.3 mega pixel VGA resolution front facing camera which you can use for video chat at Skype or any other video calling software. Not only has this but it had also a 5 mega pixel rear facing camera. Its 3 mega pixel rear camera takes an average quality of photo not only in day light but in night as well. Its camera can also capture video in 1080p, which comes in handy for Web conferencing calls. It has an average camera result. It also has a facility of auto focus which can increase its performance.


Nokia Lumia series is diversifying into many different shapes and size. It has a good and elegant smart phone. It has most of the features seen in the Lumia 1520. It is a decent smart phone with eye catching design but at the same time it is too heavy and slightly bigger than it should be. It has a quad core 1.7GHz snapdragon S4 processor with 1GB of ram. It gives you a 6 inch large display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 along 1280 x 720 pixel resolution IPS LCD screen. But at the same time it gives you just 245 pixel per inch density which is not good at all. Similarly this time Lumia doesn’t provide us a good camera result as well.

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