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Nokia Lumia 830- the Thinnnest and Lightest Lumia Ever!

Nokia kicked off the IFA 2014 event with announcing the Nokia Lumia 830 and Lumia 730. Both are mid-range phones, Nokia has termed the 830 "the first affordable flagship".


Dimensions and Weight

The Nokia Lumia 830 is the thinnest and lightest Lumia, says Nokia. However, It's certainly thin but not very light, it weighs 150g. The weight feels good for a phone this size and it's all due to Nokia's legendary build quality. Part of that is the metal rim on the side of the phone.

It includes the thinnest Optical Image Stabilization module – while being just 8.5mm thick. This is really impressive that with this much thickness, the onboard camera contains  Zeiss optics with Optical Image stabilization and a 10MP sensor. We can safely say that it is the thinnest OIS system so far.



The scree is a traditional size- 5 inch- same like Lumia 930 screen. However the specs are advanced. It is s an IPS screen with 720p resolution. its viewing angles are wide due to the same IPS thing. Color rendering is also at par. The pixel density is 294ppi , which is just sharp enough.

The glass protecting the display is a sculpted Gorilla Glass 3 - the left and right sides of the display slope making swipes quite enjoyable. The glass also integrates Nokia's ClearBlack tech, which decreases the reflectivity to increase sunlight legibility.

The color options for the phone itself include Black, White, Green and Orange, all of them in matte finish.


The camera is the real hit here. As described above, the super-thin OIS module is certainly striking and to crown it, it also boasts of  Zeiss optics.The camera has a 1/3.4" BSI sensor with 16:9 aspect ratio. The camera has an f/2.2 aperture and relatively wide 26mm focal length and a minimum focus distance of 10cm.

The Lumia 830 has an LED flash and with the new Rich capture mode. This mode allows you to expose dimmer areas of an image and even add an LED flash effect after you've taken an image (the camera apparently captures two images, one with flash and one without and later permits you to load a final result). Rich Capture also permits for HDR.

On the video side, it records 1080p video at 30fps. There's 16GB of built-in storage for videos, expandable via microSD cards up to 128GB.



The phone is driven by a Snapdragon 400 chipset with a quad-core Cortex-A7 chipset.  The OS is Windows Phone 8.1 plus Lumia Denim update. It arises with Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Cortana, and extra. Microsoft is up-playing the fact that Windows Phone 8.1 permits for plentiful customization to the interface like with the new “Glance” lock screen.

The Nokia Lumia 830 provisions interesting back panels that can be nipped on the phone to customize the appearance of the device.



A 2,200mAh battery is included in the phone. Its specs and size are the same as on Lumia 930 despite being a full millimeter thinner. Another notable feature is wireless charging built-in. These specs are impressive with this much thin design. Microsoft has announced a second-generation wireless charging plate (the Smart Wireless Charging Plate) also with an additional “glow” and NFC capabilities. The glow can interestingly be customized.


The Nokia Lumia 830 shall be available soon later this month (Sep 14). It shall be delivered with free Skype Unlimited World subscription for three months. Its price is going to be affordable as announced by Nokia on the event of Launch. It will surely present a challenge to Apple and Samsung as it is a really budget friendly flagship smartphone with decent specs and has the position to be the Nokia's slimmest, lightest smartphone yet.


The Nokia Lumia 830 will be available in Bright Green, Bright Orange, Dark Grey, and Stunning White. It’ll start delivery globally this month- Sep 14.

Technical Specs

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