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online request for free delivery of medicine are booming

As other online services are rising a new trends come in india of buying medicine by online retailers. But the matter is related to urgent delivery of medicine in few hours. And the prenent e-commerece business are failed to do this because the limited network in the country. has been set uped by keeping the fast delivery of medicine of life saving drugs . Dial medico has developing its network with each and every medical store/chemist in the top 16 cities of country.

Dialmedico have the list of several chemist in every area of the city . people are easy to access there local medical store in a minute . people can search and find contact details of local chemist in his/her area and can call for home delivery of medicine at his address .


But few things are make a break in dialmedico

1. no details of 24*7 open medical store sytestem for customer responce

3. very weak managment and marketing team 

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