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Samsung Galaxy Tab S



Tablets are the next big thing in computer and mobile computing. There was a time when laptops were considered the pinnacle in portable computing machines; something that could give you remote access to all your online or word processing needs on the go. But the laptops have always been bulky and overly expenisve for most people. Thus there was a market for something that could fit snugly in the gap between laptops and mobile phones, something that could be a “hybrid”, so to speak. Tablets have since become one of the most popular mobile computing devices in the world; they provide great entertainment as well as work opportunities in a portable package.

Samsung has been making tablets to rival those of Apple ever since Android was made available to the general public in 2010; nowadays they have released a whole array of products chief among which is the brand new Galaxy Tab S. The Galaxy Tab S was released in July 2014 and boasts great performance capabilities and features that definitely give it an edge over competing devices like the Apple iPad and devices by Google.

Technical Specifications

Hardware specs- The new Galaxy Tab S has a gross weight of just over 460 grams, and compact dimensions that successfully give the illusion that this device is smaller than it actually is. The 10.5 inches of screen real estate does shatter that illusion immediately the first time you look at it and realize just how thin the bezels are. The screen on the Galaxy Tab S is Samsung’s proprietary AMOLED display technology that switches individual pixels off to give superior contrast as opposed to conventional LCDs. The screen on the Galaxy Tab S offers a good 288 PPI density too which isn’t the best out there, but it does look good on the big screen. The device is powered by quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 processors with a Snapdragon chipset, the Adreno 330 GPU is there too so you can safely run the heaviest of games without so much as a stutter. 3 GBs of RAM also keeps the device multitasking swiftly without any noticeable lag, fixed internal memory of either 16 or 32 GB is a concern though. The camera is an 8MP primary with autofocus and an LED flash; secondary camera is a 2.1 MP shooter that works best for Skype calls. This device can run on both 3G and 4G connections and accepts Micro-Sim. Samsung have also put in Corning Gorilla Glass protection as standard too, so you needn’t worry about petty dings and scratches on your screen.

Software specs- The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is running the latest iteration of Android; the 4.4.2 KitKat. The interface has been heavily skinned to run the latest Touch Wiz user interface system that Samsung installs in all its android devices. We wouldn’t say this is the best interface we’ve come across, the stock android interface is much more user friendly and functional but the Touch Wiz keeps its own.

Stuff that will put the iPad to shame!

There are dozens of new features on the Galaxy Tab S that instantly puts it above other competitors like the iPad range and Google Nexus devices. Here are just a few of them:

  • The new Galaxy Tab S come with a fingerprint sensor, you might say the iPhone 5S has one too and you’re right. But while the iPhone’s sensor can be used only to gain access to the device itself, Samsung have partnered with PayPal so you can access your PayPal account by just a slide of your finger. That’s one over Apple.
  • The new Galaxy Tab S is the first portable device to give proper multitasking like a PC. You can open two or more apps side by side and use them alongside in real time.
  • The SideSync feature on the Galaxy Tab S makes it possible for you to access stuff on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 phones directly from the tablet. This makes transferring files easy, and even enables you to make and receive calls remotely on the tablet if your phone is in another room.
  • The Remote PC App means you can even gain access and operate your PC from the tablet. You can thus share files between the two devices.
  • Samsung has taken a step forward from auto-brightness sensors and incorporated the new Galaxy Tab S with an “Adaptive Display” technology. This sensor can alter such characteristics as color shades, depth, contrast, sharpness, and color gamut depending on usage. So if you’re playing a game, or browsing the internet, or watching a movie, the screen will adjust itself to give the best visual experience possible.
  • There’s even a kid’s mode on the Galaxy Tab S, by enabling this mode you can make the device’s interface more colorful and intuitive for kids. You can also restrict certain apps that you do not want your children to mess around with and instead replace them with other informative games or stuff that will appear while the Kid’s Mode is switched on. There are add-ons that can be remotely downloaded from the PlayStore or direct from Samsung.
  • The Galaxy Tab S borrows the Smart Stay feature from the Galaxy S5 smartphone, this means that the device can sense when you start to look away from the screen and it’ll automatically pause whatever it is that you were doing, for instance; video playback will be paused if you look away and resume immediately when you look at the screen again.
  • The android styled drop down menu isn’t just available on the Galaxy Tab S, Apple offers something similar as a drop-up menu as well but the toggles are severely limited. So we’ll give this one to the Galaxy too.


The Galaxy Tab S is an excellent tablet device in many ways, there is hardly any other mainstream tablet that can rival it in technical specs and performance, but we do feel that Samsung should get over its philosophy of using snappy plastics on both cheap and premium devices alike. There are no squeaks or rattles in the body, but we do feel some of the materials used are a bit on the cheaper side. To be honest, in this price range we expect something that’s a bit classy to look at too; if Google can do it on its Nexus range, we’re sure Samsung can too.



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