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Sharp LC-70UQ17 Review


The Sharp LC-70UQ17 is the released model of the middle of the UQ series when we talk about sizes. The LC-70UQ17 TV is equipped with the new and exciting Quattron+ picture technology in combination with THX certification and Revelation Technologies to give it an advantage on the SQ series. This LC-70UQ17 TV is also able to receive 4K signals all because of thanks Quattron+. The Sharp is calling this model as one of the "future-proof" addition.

The Sharp LC-70UQ17 has an active 3D playback and a new change of Sharp's Smart Central has made this model the most solid offer for the market. This Sharp LC-70UQ17 will be available in the market in massive 70 inched around $3,299.


The Sharp LC-70UQ17 has a bright peak whites and light flow. It has the ability to receive and up-scale 4k signals on a 1080p resolution, because of increased sub-pixels. The colors are really strong with the HD content. This model has given numerous menu options for enhancing the performance of picture. When we talk about the life of the product, the Sharp's brand is a reliable one. It is said to have ‘Future Proof’ ability for 4K playback. It has an improved, easy to use Smart TV interface.


The Sharp LC-70UQ17 has a semi-matte screen finish that may create a flat look on picture. It has weak horizontal and vertical viewing angles when off-center. The remote keys are too small and no backlit. The sound quality on board is also not of good quality.

Bottom Line

The Sharp LC-70UQ17 has an average appearance and design framework. The available smart TV option is good in this model but cannot be compete with the best options already available in market. It also offers 3D, whose performance is good.


Picture Quality Rating

The Sharp 70UQ17 series has a bright and colorful picture which is the highlight of the picture of LED TVs. Many sub-pixels are added to the new Quattron+ color technology display for a higher level of detail. In-built up-scaling works to offer an advanced level of sharpness that a customary 1080p screen can attain. This feature in combination with THX certification gives exceptional picture settings right out of the box. Sharp 70UQ17 also sports active 3D playback, additionally 2 pairs of glasses that are provided in box along with the TV. 70UQ17 uses the AN-3DG40 Bluetooth 3D Glasses which are very easy in use but it will cost an additional amount of $50 per pair. The model gives the best front and center viewing results.

Brightness and Peak Whites

The Sharp 70UQ17 offers the strong suit of brightness levels and this will become the center of attraction for many customers in the stores. This will be the best to use in the room with lots of windows and natural light coming inside the room. The user can certainly use those powerful LED side lights in such situation as well. This is one of the most inspiring and outstanding feature of this Sharp 70UQ17 TV.

Side Viewing Angles

The Sharp 70UQ17’s side viewing angles are positively getting improved day by day, and the UQ17 series offers much better performance than its predecessors in the series. The front and center viewing angles are not good as we move further from front and center. The large screens like we are having in this model allow for wider fields of view, therefore faults require great viewing angles to hurt the picture quality in actual.

240Hz Screen Refresh Rate

The screen refresh rate is boasts-up in this Sharp LC-70UQ17U with good amount with exceptional refresh rate of 240Hz. The jump it had made to 240 from 120 is not as obvious 60 to 120, but it is still appreciable as a good addition that adds-up a great deal of value to the TV.

Sound Quality and Speakers

The Sharp 70UQ17 gives an average sound. Utilizing the home theater system or sound bar becomes the best option when we talk about getting the best sound out of the games and movies. The Sharp UQ17 has given multiple size choices to their customers but still it will remains as the perfect way to go with.

If anyone is not having the home theater system then they can enjoy themselves by having two 10 watt speakers and a 15 watt subwoofer on board. They can serve as giving the average sound by pushing out some volume. But the user will become puzzled in separating the voice from background/music. The Sharp should give special care on sound quality on such big screen TVs.

Appearance and Design

The Sharp 70UQ17 has a thin bezels and super thin profile along with a brushed silver color. It has a nice and decent touch of two legged stand as it does not take much attention away from the screen.


The Sharp 70UQ17 has an incorporated 4 HDMI at the backside, 1 component video, 2 composite video, 1 PC with 15-pin D-sub and 1 RF antenna. It also has an optical digital audio.

The HDMI cable is not included in this model. It has a high-speed HDMI cable which is the only connection which is able to deliver a full HDTV experience with a complete 1080p picture and digital surround sound. There is an in-built Ethernet port as well which allows connecting the TV to any home network. There are also 2 USB ports which may enable us to enjoy music, photos and videos that maybe on compatible USB devices.

Warranty Information

The manufacturer warranty of Sharp 70UQ17 is of one year limited. The extended service warranty available is also available.

Value Rating

The Sharp LC-70UQ17 LED TV has many advantages that may become the center of attraction due to these high points and make it a good buy for TV room. The future-proof ability is also good that enables to receive the 4K signals.

It has a retail price of around $3,299 which may make it difficult to contend with the best TV options available in market like Samsung and LG which offer similar features. The most important feature of LC-70UQ17 is the feature to receive and play 4K signals on a 1080p TV.


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