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Sharp LC 80UQ17 Review


By the end of this year the Sharp has planned to release the two principally groundbreaking TV series, the UQ17 and the SQ15, both of which comes under the Sharp's "Quattron+" designation. The LC-80UQ17U might look a bit expensive for an 80 inches LCD TV.

The Sharp LC 80UQ17 is the biggest in the UQ series and it is second largest in the complete Sharp listing. The 90 inches and 650 series TV is the biggest Sharp has to deal this year. The TV has the latest Sharp's picture technology.

It has the unique ability to dynamically display effective resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, even if it is yet only a 1080 p panel.

Whether we may call it a FauxK or 2K/4K, initial adopters might want to place the Quattron+ TVs on their radar as a way to fill out the gap between the Full-HD and 4K resolutions more gently.

The Sharp LC 80UQ17 can receive 4K signals all because of the Quattron+ that makes it "future-proof." This becomes a solid offer for the customers because of 3D playback and a new take on Sharp's Smart Central. The offered price (un-officially) for this enormous TV starts around $5,499 to $6,000.


The Sharp LC 80UQ17 has a bright peak white and light flow. It accepts and up-scale the 4k content on a 1080p resolution TV just because of increasing the sub pixels. It has colors that are strongest with the HD content. There are plenty of menu’s options for enhancing the picture performance. The screen space for the money is the best around. It supports the 240 Hz for the games and sports programming which will attract the gamming lovers. The Sharp’s brand is much reliable one for the product life which is the main cause which is worth spending money on this. It also has the ability of future proofing for 4k playback. Finally it has an improved and easy to use Smart TV interface.


The Sharp LC 80UQ17 has a semi matte screen finish creates a flat looking picture. It has the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are weak when off center. The remote keys are too small and there is no backlit either. The overall sound quality is also a big lack in this product.

Bottom Line

The Sharp LC 80UQ17 has an average appearance and design framework but the picture quality on this is really appreciable. It is the best choice for gamers. The 3D performance is also an average one. The subwoofer benefits with low end sounds.



Picture Quality Rating

The most highlighted quality of the Sharp 80UQ17 series of LED TVs is a bright and colorful picture it offers on the picture. There is new Quattron+ color technology that adds up much more sub-pixels to the display screen for a greater level of detail. In-built up-scaling enable the TV to offer a higher level of sharpness that a customary 1080p screen can achieve. This feature in combination with the THX certification, results in the excellent picture settings right out of the box. The Sharp 80UQ17 also sports active 3D playback additionally with 2 pairs of glasses that are provided in the box. It has used the AN-3DG40 Bluetooth 3D Glasses which are very contented in use but you need to spend $50 for per pair. We can achieve the best results from the front and center viewing. The Sharp 80UQ17U is an ideal choice for the bright room viewing.

Side Viewing Angles

The side viewing angles for LED TVs which are offered in upcoming models are positively getting much better by time, and the Sharp LC 80UQ17 offers enhanced performance than its previous models. The color and contrast starts to fade as the viewing point moves away from front and center. The large screens that we have in LC 80UQ17 allows for wider fields of view, so faults need extreme viewing angles to actually disturb the picture quality on wider angles.

Brightness and Peak Whites

In the Sharp LC 80UQ17 a strong element of this TV is the brightness levels it has offered. This will without a doubt will catch your eye in the stores. This TV could also be the best choice for rooms that has lots of windows with natural light flowing in which could result in the bet results. The user can certainly use those powerful LED side lights in such condition. It is one of the exceptional features of this LC 80UQ17 which will help on game day Sundays for game lovers.

240Hz Screen Refresh Rate

The Sharp LC-80UQ17U claims an efficient and effective refreshing rate of 240Hz. The jump it has offered from 240 from 120 is not as obvious 60 to 120, still it is a comfy addition that enhances a great deal of value to the TV results. Such fast refresh rates are a perfect feature for video games, live sports programming and animate or fast action movies.

Sound Quality and Speakers

By using the home theater system or sound bar with the Sharp LC-80UQ17U is certainly becomes the best option when you need to have the best sound out of your movies or games. As the LC-80UQ17U size choices are much larger that yet remains as the best choice to go with. If, the user has no such availability of home theater or sound bar systems then for those, there are two speakers available of 10 watts and a 15 watt subwoofer on board. They are sufficient to bring out some of the lows out, but they turn out to be sounding like thin and mixed up. The most important issue is of separating voice from the background or music. The sound quality for TVs of this big size should be kept considered more importantly as other features.

Appearance and Design

The Sharp LC-80UQ17U has an appearance that offers the same thin bezels and super thin profile along with a fleecy silver color. The design is supported by two legged stands that are gives a nice touch as it does not take lots of attention away from the screen itself. Few inches of depth is also added up due to the stand. The frame is of aluminum, which is a pleasant touch and expresses to the well-known consistency that Sharp's TVs has always presented to its customers.


The Sharp LC-80UQ17U conveys a heavy till $6,000 MSRP, but it is worth-while spending money on for a massive 80 inches smart TV that is half 4K, so ultimately not a bad price.

If anyone has a home theater setup complete with 1080p Blu-ray discs, the LC-80UQ17 can definitely be an astral gray choice in a black-and-white world.

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