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Sharp Q+ Vs Vizio P Series


This year Sharp has released a slide of new TVs on January 6. During the release unexpectedly the 4K sets was not the main point. But the Sharp Aquos Quattron Plus that has a full HD 1080p display that had stolen the complete show just because of the simple reason that what if this TV is not able to support 4k content, but still it is able of playing Ultra HD 4K content.

The Sharp Aquos Quattron Plus has followed the footsteps of its original Aquos Quattronline of TVs that Sharp that was released back in year 2013. The only major diference between two is that the original Quattrons TV sets had added 2 million sub-pixels but the Quattron Plus (Q+) has added up 10 million sub-pixels.

The Sharp Aquos Quattron Plus has down-scaled the Ultra HD content and has up-scaled the standard full HD content, which will make everything look much better than its previous models.

In contrast the model we are having most demandingly is the Vizio who has revealed this week the pricing for its new P Series that is of 4K, Ultra HD TVs. The first lot will surprisingly be costing $ 999. The 50 inches TV, P502ui-B1 will be offered just within $ 1,000. Most of us will definitely does not want to pay much for such a new TV but still it is a pretty good price for a TV set that is also offering a 4K display.

Currently in market the cheapest rate of 4k enable TV are available in $1,500 50 inches Seiki SE50UY04, but the larger TV can also cost tens of thousands of dollars. At Las Vegas the Vizio P series five sets, that are available in 50 inches in $999.99, 55 inches in $1,399.99, 60 inches in $1,799.99, 65 inches in $2,199.99 and 70 inches in $2,599.99.

All the P series of Vizio features full-array LED backlighting with enhanced local dimming technology, additionally with 64 Active LED Zones, which is used to generate a more lively picture quality. Enhanced Color Management and Active Pixel Tuning also offers its customers with more precise colors.


The Sharp series has emphasized that the Aquos Quattron Plus has the incorporated the benefit of being future proof, due to which the customers will be able to watch Ultra HD content on it as 4K video becomes further productive.

But the fact currently seen is the TV world has divided an apparent line between HD and Ultra HD. So this would be a great challenge that Sharp will offer a device that lies in between.

It usually stuck Sharp’s customers in-between as they like the 4K content but they cannot get the 4k content ultimately on it, but the customers do want to future-proof themselves for future, this will serve as the plus technology that Quattron Plus offers. The Sharp is eventually trying to offer their customers the best of TV world.

The Vizio P Series in contrast offers HEVC Codec for Ultra HD streaming along with Vizio's V6 six-core processor that in combination with quad-core GPU and a dual-core CPU for the maximum speed. The latest P-Series has an exclusive feature that concludes in an attractively simple Ultra HD option for perceptive viewers.

A plus of a Smart TV, is the streaming ability, which is the underlined feature offered by Vizio's 802.11ac dual-band MIMO wireless and the Vizio Internet Apps Plus service, which provide customers a library of streaming videos and video selections and additionally the dual-screen functionalities, which is not there for Sharp uses.


Both the series are of good position in the market. Both are offering something highly awaited by the customers. Sharp is providing future-proofing, but is able to provide 4k content in comparison Vizio P series is providing 4k content. Now it is on cutomer’s choice what to choose.

Sharp's 4K downscaling technology is certainly much inspiring, and the picture looks great, even if it is not actually 4K. But Sharp might experience a tough time substantial users to compromise.

Vizio P series may be considered as a better choice for market. When we see technically the P Series seems top-notch with a 4k panel, 802.11ac dual-band MIMO wireless connection, and H.265 codec supporting the 4k streaming.

The prices of the tqo are of also a big difference, as Vizio is charging more for giving more features to the customers. So we assume that VIZIO will bring the prices down.

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