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Stop-Start Technology Standard on Some 2015 Jeep Cherokees, Chrysler 200s

If there is one thing that can be deemed as constant in this world, it is change. Nothing remains the same. Technology is moving at a pace that would leave you flabbergasted if you pause to think about it but we have been so used to these changes that we have learn to take in stride. The purpose behind this growth in technology is to make our lives easier. With every new invention or nay new leap in the field of technology, our life is meant to be easier in addition to being economically stable. The basic aim behind these steps is that a person is able to complete the tasks at hand without having to make a hole in his pocket.

If we talk about our daily routing chores there is one thing that makes up an integral part of our lives and that is driving. We want our vehicles to be as efficient as possible so that we can get to our destinations in record time and do not have to miss out on important events. While it is important that the vehicle works in an efficient manner it is also equally important that it is economically acceptable. The major concern when it comes to driving is the consumption of fuel and the cost this tends to impose on us. All the companies are vying to make changes that would ensure that no extra amount of fuel gets consumed in the process so that this burden could be reduced to a certain extent. In this endeavor, the automobile company Chrysler has come up with an idea that could perhaps lessen our problems to a certain degree. They have used the stop-start technology standard in two of their models that are the Jeep Cherokees, Chrysler 200s. According to this, the engine would automatically turn off in an instant as soon as you apply pressure on the brakes and would restart once the pressure is released. This would ensure that while you do not need the engine to keep running; it would automatically turn off thereby reducing the fuel consumption in that instant. It is estimated that this technology would reduce the fuel consumption by up to 3 which can prove to be quite beneficial for a lot of people out there.

According to Chrysler, this technology would step in the market by 2015 in two installments wherein the jeep Cherokee would b the first one followed by the Chrysler 200s in the fourth quarter of next year. According to the spokesperson of Chrysler, “The most fuel-efficient Chrysler 200 that will get stop-start is rated at 23 mpg city.” It is not necessary to use this technology in these cars. If you feel that this does not suit you, you can always opt for the switch off button that is located in the cabin.

The hike in the gas prices is one of the major concerns that all of us have been facing. Under such circumstances even minor relief would feel like a blessing. A reduction of 3 though sounds meager when you listen to it but would prove to make a lot of difference when you are actually driving. This technology can pave way for a relief to a number of people who are feeling burdened with the hikes ion prices and rates. If everything goes well and according to plan, by 2015 we might be able to witness vehicles that give us opportunity to save up on fuel when it is not required. Usually when we are driving we do not take into account such details wherein we do not switch off the engine as we are waiting in a line or for some other purpose. This technology would remind us to do that thereby enabling us to save quite a bit of money.

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. Perhaps in the current scenario this is the technology all of us required wherein all of us are feeling the heat of increased prices. At the same time this step of Chrysler would prove to be very beneficial for their business as well. Automobile companies have some stiff competition. This is the reason all companies are trying to come up with new ideas that would give them an edge on their competition and if Chryslers are successful in their attempts it is needless to say that they would certainly be able to get the upper hand. While others companies may follow suit, they would always be remembered as the first ones how brought about this innovation.

Stop-Start Technology Standard on Some 2015 Jeep Cherokees, Chrysler 200s is a great idea that is likely to be received very well by the general public who are already tried of bearing the absurd amount of expenses and are in a position where a minor reduction would feel a great amount of difference. There is no denying Chrysler has come up with a great idea that could prove to be very profitable for them. Whether they would be able to deliver what they have promised remains to be seen. Te time is not far. 2015 is the year when we would perhaps get to see a great breakthrough. Let us hope that mo problems would be encountered in these models that are rumored to be a part of the previous ones by the customers, the major concern being the effect on battery. Hopefully, this time all the details have been taken into account. But if the ESS does not work put for you can always turn it off and enjoy the regular drive.



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