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Wii U Review


The Nintendo Wii U is a creative and a handy game pad. It has a very well designed look. The hardware of the game pad is quiet and unobtrusive. The online available features are really exciting. The game play offered potentially similar to the DS and 3DS.


The Nintendo Wii U has a slow firmware. The battery life is not remarkable and game pad is needed to be charged after a bit playing. The Nintendo Network on Wii U has a poor online system that enforces friends to trade numeric codes to remain connected.

Bottom Line

The Nintendo Wii U is complete potential game pad but it does not have software to support it, it will collect dust on the shelf.




The past releases from Nintendo have proved that they always bring out some stranger things out from there game pads. Nintendo has focused more on the innovations rather than giving focus to the performance. This has always brought Nintendo to the risk while competing to big names like Microsoft and Sony, as they have always known for their performance. But Nintendo’s new moves have always paid off. But this Wii U seems like the Nintendo’s biggest ever risk.


This change is because Sony and Microsoft launch a new and more powerful hardware while the Nintendo has preferred to release a console. Wii U has a faster and more recent GPU that is believed to be a difference on AMD’s Radeon 6760. It will be offering 1 GB of RAM beside the 512 MB offered in the 360.

Though, it is in rumors these days that Wii U offers the performance of the IBM PowerPC-based tri-core CPU, and previous game series do a bit to satisfy that Wii U will be even half a generation further than the current formats. Still, it is not sure that Wii U will hit the market and win the hearts as we are not convinced that it is technically superior in any reality. So, no one assumes that Wii U to sell due to its graphics muscle, it will be sell or not sell similar to it’s previous Wii and 3DS based on the exceptional experience it will deliver to its users.


Design and specs



The Nintendo Wii U is available in only two versions that are white console and a black console. The price of two is not that different, just a bit to pay for having a premium bundle.



The basic pack that is white console is available in £200 in the United Kingdom and in $250 in the United States. When you put a bit more cash in your budget you can get the black console in £250 in the UK and $300 in the US in the premium bundle.



The Nintendo in a white console is a Game Pad with an external power brick, a sensor bar, an AC power adapter for the Game Pad and an 8GB of internal flash storage.

The premium bundle offers a more 32 GB of storage with the black console which gives a lot nicer look. It will surely look better while competing to the Xbox One or PS4.

By choosing the premium model will give you a copy of Nintendoland along with a mini-game package which will enable the user to know how to use the Wii U Game Pad. It is the U's version of Wii Sports however it is not a lot of a must-have for anyone.


The Nintendo Wii U is just a little more rounded from its predecessors. It has 10.6 x 6.8 inches screen which is bigger than the Wii but tremendously compacted when it is placed beside the PS4 and Xbox One. The weight of Wii U is just 1.8 inches.

Making the design looking more decent there is a power button and an eject button on the front, both of them enlarged by a small light. The eject button has the white light which is illuminated when a disc is in the system, whereas the power light gets changed from red to blue when the system is turned on. Under the disc slot there is an unseen compartment with an SD card slot for added storage and two USB ports.

Interface and Firmware

The Nintendo Wii U GamePad also doubles as the key interface to the Wii U, with the TV screen working by crowds of Miis and some floating icons. When the interface is on the Game Pad screen shows a grid of fifteen icons, additionally some shortcuts to the MiiVerse, Nintendo’s e-Shop, Nintendo TVii, the built-in Web browser and Notifications.

These applications offered give a sign of what a fine media-oriented console the Wii U may finally become.

Nintendo Games

The Nintendo is all about the gaming experience. The best it has offered is certainly, the high-class software. The two Nintendo big hits are the Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U, the later coming offered with the new Wii U Premium Bundle. But for now the difference between the Wii U two versions is that they make a convincing case for the new console.

They have struggled hard to take the Nintendo’s brand from cartoon visuals to the HD era, and the games seem crumbly, more detailed and brilliantly colored.

Wii U might not be the perfect game pad, but there are some touches of mastermind to be found inside.


The Nintendo is no average run-of-the-mill console, even by the Nintendo’s standards. The new Wii U game pad is a more innovative one with a strange and versatile controller, and employed suitably might just provide a new trend of fanciful and inventive games.

The Wii U may work as the vehicle for the family fun, in spite of a slow user interface and the strange grumble in the market. The hard work will be definitely by working out how it nicely fits in between the recent console generation and the upcoming one. Everyone is looking for some really unique experiences it may offer.

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