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Top 10 Online Backup Services


Online Backup solution is like you upload or email yourself your important files so that you won’t lose any of your important data at any cost. There are number of factors and features to consider while choosing online backup service of your choice. Major point is that backup service should upload changed files immediate automatically. It should have sharing option and web client for restoring purpose. It has to compatible with Mac OS and as well as mobile apps availability. The last thing is costing and support.

Depending on your need there are dozens of plan available, from limited account to unlimited account and from yearly packages to monthly packages. Do remember this, Unlimited is not actually infinite but those account let you upload number of GBs to get upload at decent cost.

Online backup service actually works like traditional backup software those are easily useable by any kind of service. Online backup software stores your important data and secures it in a professional way. Important files kept at secure servers to be able to get them download anytime from anywhere without worry about your data being theft or loss by any time.

Now a day’s our lives actually surrounded by computers. As our photos, music, movies, files, important info all stored on their servers. And if in this scenario your computer got crash or gets infected by any malware than your whole life is going to be at risk. The best part is that you should start backing up your files the day you start using your computer. You can also buy an external hard drive and store your data and buy CD/DVD to store your files. Online backup solution here provide automatic backup of your important file with differential backup option that only upload the changed files. By this you can download your file anytime to any version. Right now in market there are dozens of online backup solutions and online storage service available with different packages and plans. Let us help you find a suitable backup solution as per your need.


Couple of year back Backblaze offers simple online backup solution with unlimited storage at low cost of $3.96 per month for a single PC. The software protects your data at the time you install this little software, the program backup your files and continuously runs in the background. Latest version came to improve the upload speed while it still uses your connection resources while doing other activities. Service only focused on computer backup and restores procedure. But many of the features are missing that are found on SOS or Carbonite or Mozy like file sharing, mobile apps, local pc backup software.

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Carbonite is another online backup solution available in market and actually introducing keeping home users as target, but there are other business packages available too. The setup is simple and can be installed within minutes and you can take backup of your hard drive to the cloud space. In addition, it has some extra business-related features that can able to attract business clients. So we can say Carbonite is great for home users and also for small business clients.

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CrashPlan stands out as one of the fine product among competitors of having same variety of options. Client is available for huge variety of computers, from Mac to Windows PCs and Linux to Solaris systems. Many apps available for Smartphone like iOS and Android devices but sadly nothing available for BlackBerry phones.

CrashPlan available in two versions, Standard and Pro, while standard version is for personal use and Pro version is designed for business and development offices which supports from 10 to 100,000 computers.

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Online backup services are much like traditional backup software that capture your backup on external hard disk or any other drive. Now with online back services, you can take complete backup of your important data over the internet on a secure and dedicated server. The best thing about online backup system is that it take the backup on your home and office documents and files and keep them far away from any kind of disasters.

IDrive is a free online storage service with 2GB of storage, full of feature and easy to use with a friendly user interface and solid backup tools. IDrive is easy to setup and schedule a backup of choice depending management of bandwidth usage, complete quick data restores and backup of files on mapped drives. IDrive offer different price plans that looks higher when compare to other similar services, you may also find to see storage space gets full quickly when take backup from multiple systems.

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SOS Online Backup

SOS is an online backup service that can back up 5 devices with a single plan.  You can backup your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android phone all on the same plan.  The mobile apps are top notch, too.  You can access your backed up files from any device. Backup and restoration processes are fast.

SOS Online Backup is available with up to five machines with their standard plans. And if you have your data less than 150GB that might be perfect deal for you because you do not need to spend more than $17 per device per month and if you have your data space more than 150GB, SOS online backup service will become expensive as compare to others who offer unlimited space on the same amount.

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Livedrive is another online storage solution available. Thus, it is unlimited and secure and it will be there forever. Livedrive is one of the first to develop for Windows 8 with native apps that works perfectly with the company online storage file sharing service. Livedrive already provided its apps from Windows, Android, and iOS.  The solution is free to be use for 14-days with any plan.

 Getting started with Livedrive is not that easy, there are multiple options available for setting up Livedrive, and we think too many options are not a great thinking from provider. Livedrive has an automatic backup process that is perfect on its own at backing up most of your important data.  

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Acronis True Image

If your selection criteria of software by its featuring list, then Acronis TrueImage 2013 is the first choice of your disk and file backup and many other functions. It has some potentially dangerous things that can be happy to your system while taking up backup and doing recovery of your data files.

TrueImage always been favorite backup software for many of the people around the earth, TrueImage 2013 improves well from its previous versions. The software is available with a single license on $49.99. It has complete backup and recovery tools for local and external media and it also introduces couple of new features that going to support with Windows 8 too.

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Penny Backup

Penny Backup is an online backup service that approaches online backup in completely new way, by offering their users free download software for unlimited machine and they only pay for what they use and what they pay is literally in pennies.

Penny Backup is another online data backup service that let you back up both of your computer and network connected storage devices to protect your files and data in case of system crash. Penny Backup uses Asigra technology to secure files with their four levels of security components, keeping your data safe from theft. Service cannot be use from Smartphone or tablet but can be access by netbook. The service is cheap and in range of everyone.

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Elephant Drive

Elephant Drive is another one option for backing up online data. Elephant Drive is pure unique as it offers the user as much of the control over the backup and retrieval of data as per requirement. Just like other it has ‘Set it and Forget it’ option also you can use Elephant Desktop, Trunk Explorer and Trunk Drive manage every of the aspect of your back up process as well as file sharing and all of other available capabilities.

Elephant Basic plan offers 30GB of storage and if you are in need of extra space, service provider offers six different plans to choose from. The provider also provides remote access to your stored files from any web browser including mobile devices. You can also share your files by creating custom link or also by sending those files directly via email to the recipients.

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Norton Online Backup

Symantec is famous for their security and antivirus programs, Norton is a part of company and consider as one of the best by the company. Norton Online Backup is also a part of the company products.

Norton is widely used as antivirus program and now as Online Backup service too. Product is available for Mac and Windows machines, but not for any Linux environment.  Norton’s screen let you back up from your system immediately. Restoration of files, downloading of files, and making changes on default settings can also be done from home screen. Most importantly, Logs will let you know the detail about your backup processes and in any case of failure Red Cross mark will be placed, otherwise green check mark will be shown.

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