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Top Ten Cloud Storage Solutions


Cloud storage services are one of the hottest new services available in the market with huge variety of plans. Home and business users are more curious about safety of their data on different servers rather than on physical host machine. Saving data in the cloud has many advantages over physical storage. You have no worries about losing your data due to any virus attack or hard disk damage. You can recover your data any from anywhere with internet access. Another thing is this service is not much costly when compare with its features. You can also get unlimited storage space if you have huge data. There are few things to consider while purchasing any online storage solution.

Pricing & Space Availability

Home users are more concern about the pricing and availability of space for them as business users can pay any price to secure their huge amount of data. Usually the price starts from $5 and hit $20 per month depending upon the space and service. We recommend you to read complete detail about pricing and space availability while going to purchase any online solution.


After Pricing and space, you must be familiar with the features of services like easy drag and drop, file and folder sharing and more automated backups, file versioning, file size limitation and restoration of deleted files. If you have no budget issue, always go for a service that offers highest number of features among all services. Features are the most important part of those cloud storage services that can increase or decrease their sales.

Remote Access

Most of the cloud storage service allows access through PC, Laptop, Mac, and SmartPhones, while few do not have mobile access option on their service. You must consider this possibility as well. This will help you access your files while on move. Otherwise you will require physical access to any PC or Laptop whenever you need to view or update any of your file over cloud service.


Personal and private data owners should consider the security of files while synchronizing. That can be done by encryption method; most of the service providers also encrypt their data on their servers. If you are uploading your data that you don’t want to be seen by anyone, always consider a provider who has SSL certificate or other encryption method.

Help & Support

Now days, Not every software is the market is human friendly, or we can say not everyone is technical in this world. At one point anyone can require help and support. So you must make sure that company has a good reputation on technical support. Better is email support with live phone call support, online chat, and wide variety of online documentations and tutorials.


Below are our top ten lists of Cloud storage service providers who are best in their field. The selection of the top ten solution providers was taken on above criteria by eReview.CO


1.Just Cloud Storage Service


 Just Cloud is one of the best online storage services that ranked number one for most of the reviewers. The service offers unlimited storage capacity for a reasonable amount of monthly charges ($9.95). Just Cloud has the fastest and easiest installation process among any other cloud backup service in the market today. When you sign up with the account all the excellent useful features included already with Cloud’s service. Once you register with them you will not amaze to know why it’s emerged as one of the most popular cloud storage services on the market. In this review we will discuss about Just Cloud to help you find out why it’s ranked # 1.

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2.Zoolz Cloud Storage Service


Zoolz is a perfect free online storage network that can help you enjoy social component to cloud technology. Newly joined users can get up to 50GB of free storage for 14 days, with an opportunity to earn more space by paying decent amount of subscription fee. Users are also able to provide access to their friends and family by adding names via email or Facebook. The main app is used by Facebook and Zoolz also offers an app for mobile phones and iPads that allows film and music access while on move.

Business cloud storage can be scary on the time it start transferring data from your current storage modes. Zoolz allows you to use a utility to copy and encrypt the data on external media and mail them.  You can mail them more data in this manner at any time while subscription is valid on Zoolz.

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3.Zip Cloud Storage Service


ZipCloud offer unlimited storage cloud storage at very low cost, ZipCloud earned a reputation of excellence in cloud storage services in a short time. ZipCloud is full of features that include multiple device synchronization, access from mobile phones and the ability to quickly share your uploaded folders and files with friends and family.

Keep this in mind that while you sync between multiple devices, you can only backup your files from one PC, but if you want to take backup from more devices you can upgrade your account in a quick and easy way. ZipCloud offer mobile apps, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices for easy file access. You can login to your account control panel easily from anywhere with a decent internet speed. The online storage lacks a built-in search bar that can help you find your required files quickly.

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4.Dropbox Cloud Storage Service


Dropbox is a reliable quality online data backup service available with about 100GB of storage, plus an extra hand on sync your files across various places those can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. You can even share those files, photos, and video galleries. Data automatically saved on secure servers of Dropbox. Many people think it’s pricier than other services but the service somehow manages to fits the price.

Dropbox storage starts from 2GB of free storage and hit up to 500GB of storage for $49.99. Dropbox is also a web-based and downloadable product.

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5.SkyDrive Cloud Storage Service


SkyDrive from PC software massive Microsoft is the company’s consumer cloud-based storage offering. SkyDrive presents a lot of features. If anyone just wants the access to any file you can access the file by simple online storage accessible from web. If anyone wants to move the files to multiple PC’s they can use the feature of folder syncing. Backup service is also available for the users of Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

The services provided by SkyDrive can be reviewed from several in different ways like by type of data, client, or function. The data types supported by SkyDrive include documents, photos, video, music, or settings. The client types include computer, mobile, and Web, and the functions that are available are things like syncing, viewing, playing, and simple storage.

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6.Google Drive Cloud Storage Service


Google is a big name in the world of internet and capable of doing everything these days. Google, the internet giant has a big name on storage and synchronization. Google offers, storing, sharing, and creating a wide variety of files by its Google Docs for ages but Google Drive takes their service to the highest level by providing the downloadable Synchronization client that can be installed you Windows and Mac systems. Also they are capable to be installed on mobile devices where you can create upload, download your files easily.

No matter if you are a new or old user of Google; Google Drive replaces any of your existing experience of online documentation by Web interface. The behavior of the Google Drive is somehow similar to Google Docs but makes it more comfortable. The section where you will find biggest change is My Drive, which contains every file you created and do Shared With Me, which also holds the files to which other users gave you access. If you are tired of watching all the files in a huge list you definitely like the change.

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7.SugarSync Cloud Storage Service


SugarSync is the simplest online storage application to setup. It needs just three simple steps. During the setup a unique feature is provided known as “Download Help”, that is useful for those users who are less technical. This help provides steps to be followed to install the application and easily connect their computer to SugarSync.

SugarSync is not the cheapest online storage application, but you can start your experience on it with a 5GB of free online storage account. You can get as much of storage as needed on paying for it. There are many deals available from just a few dollars a month; the service provides several storage plans from 30GB to 250GB. SugarSync also offers business users plans that are designed for multi-user accounts. The best part is that SugarSync is scalable. Its storage space can be extended and users can be added whenever needed.

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8.Box Cloud Storage Service


Box cloud storage service allows you to work with your most up-to-date version files from anywhere and anytime and help you find a good time to relax for workload. You can view and check your files from any computer or mobile device, like you have your important files on your office computer and you want to work on them from home. A file-sync service puts the files into online storage automatically and didn’t require sending them to your email after completion of work. There are many other file sync services available in the market today to find your needs.

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9.Mozy Cloud Storage Service


Mozy is another online data backup service where you can take backup of your entire system and perform complete restore of your file anytime. It lacks couple of service that other offers, but in a decent way with high security level and strong backup is your first choice then you should try Mozy.

Actually, Mozy is not full of features like other giant names in online file storage. Just like other online storage services, Mozy also install a small client on your desktop, by which you can drag and drop the files or folder you want to take backup or set schedules of the service to backup more files. Mozy also introduces Stash folder, it has the file syncing feature that allows you to sync frequently used files across multiple computer systems. The files you place on Stash folder are stay up-to-date on every system or mobile device where you linked that Stash folder.

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10.CX Cloud Storage Service


CX online storage device is a worth application. It provides the maximum free storage space of 10 GB. Elegant user interface makes it distinguish among its entire competitor.

 CX is a cloud-based syncing and storage backup solution. It gives access to the files uploaded on the application virtually on internet-connected device. CX services and functionalities are different from other cloud storage providers as CX has adopted new ways to locate, share and collaborated files.

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